welcome to The Grocery Guy delivery

Shopping & Delivery Fees

For pre-paid store pick-ups, to be delivered, delivery fee starting at $13.50. All cold items are placed in bins with frozen ice packs.

Upto $25 groceries

$19 fee.

$25.01-$50 groceries

$19 fee.

$50.01-$75 groceries

$20 fee.

$75.01-$100 grocery

$22 fee.

$100.01-$125 grocery

$25 fee.

$125.01-150 grocery

$30 fee.

$150.01-$175 grocery

$35 fee.

$175.01-$200 grocery

$40 fee.

$200.01 or more...

Call Office

$3 to $5 fee for each additional stop. + $5 Costco Shopping.

Other Services

Beer and Alcohol

Starting at $15


Call Office

Please Note: when The Grocery Guy began, Gasoline was 98.9 cents per litre. Presently the gasoline prices are fluctuating from $1.25/litre to $1.40/litre. This causes our prices to go up. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for using the Grocery Guy.