About The Grocery Guy delivery

Sam has had more than 10 years experience in the transport food industry.His expertise is bringing your deliveries to your door. Through this experience, Sam had seen a great need for the elderly and people with special needs who have great difficulties with things everyone else takes for granted, the ability and freedom to simply go to the store.

Now within a couple years, The Grocery Guy Delivery has been able to reach hundreds of Sudburians and surrounding area, providing them with reliable and accurate grocery delivery, now expanding into other areas of delivery services to be a benefit to more as we move forward.

Sam would like to personally thank Sudbury for their gracious acceptance of this service allowing it to grow and expand allowing more people to enjoy freedom.

I pay attention to detail, and go out of my way to ensure excellence in customer service. My priority is to deliver a high quality of service, relate to each customer on their own level and make a connection with them.

Meet Sam Purpura aka The Grocery Guy.

Sam Purpura

Hours of operation

Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

Saturday 11pm to 5pm

Sundays CLOSED!