The Grocery Guy Delivery Service!

Prices and Flyers

Pricing Rate!!!

Our prices are subject to change.

The Grocery Guy Prices

# Up to $100 of groceries $100.01-$125 of groceries $125.01-$150 of groceries $150.01-$175 of groceries
1 $25 delivery fee. $30 delivery fee. $35 delivery fee. $40 delivery fee. For Every $25 increment of groceries increases delivery fee by $5!
$175.01-$200 of groceries, $45 delivery fee.
<Pricing is for shopping at one store.>

$7 fee for each additional stop. 

+ $5 Costco Shopping.(membership)

Please note, that there is an extra fee for heavy loads.

After 3 cases of 500 ml water bottled, add $1/ case.

After 8 bottles of approximately 1.75 litres of juices or pop bottles, 50 cents/ bottle.

After 1 bottle of Huge big bottles of water that go in a machine, $1/bottle.

Please note, that if you want to add or delete or cancel your grocery order you have until 9pm the night before your grocery delivery order.

☕️Sorry,No add ons on the day of your delivery.☕️

Smiths Market Catering and delivery.

All orders are picked up at the Lasalle boulevard Location.

⏰ Place your order 24 to 48 hours in advance home delivery times are from 12pm to 4pm. ⏰

Place and pay for your order with Smith’s Market.

After you have placed your order with Smith’s Market, call us (705) 586-0848 or email us, the following information, the name of who placed the order with Smith’s Market and your contact phone number.

The receivers full name,contact phone number(s) and address. Please, note that we need the receiver’s phone number so that we can contact them to ensure that they will be home to receive the order, (we will not leave the order outside their door,one of the household family member’s needs to accept the order)

The Grocery Guy will contact Smith’s Market to ensure the order will be ready for pick up and deliver.

Pricing for Pick up and delivery.

🚗 Please note, that the pricing is for one delivery attempt 🚗

Sudbury area,included is Garson. $17.50

Outskirts of Sudbury,please contact our office at (705) 586-0848 or through our website or by email,

 Payment options.

Credit card over the phone. Or by Email transfer, Name;The Grocery Guy. Email address; Password; groceryguy

🗓For Curbside pick ups and online grocery store pick-ups. We require,24 to 48 hours notice.

 Pick up times only from 2pm to 5 pm.🗓

🍩Please, email us the full grocery store receipt🍿

🚗 Pick up and Delivery fee's. 🚗

Up to $50 of your order, delivery fee, $20.

From $50.01-$200 of your order, delivery fee, $25.

From $200.01-$300 of your order, delivery fee, $30.

Add $5 extra fee for $100 of your order, $35 from $300.01-$400.

We are not responsible for errors from online pick up’s.

♡ We personally do the grocery shopping for you, you chose which grocery store we shop at.

♡ Place your order by phone, (705) 586-0848 or by email, and also from our website from 9am to 5pm, and we shop and delivery the following day, try to be as detailed as possible for every grocery item.

♡ Delivery times are inbetween

Inform us if you would prefer before 2pm delivery or after 2pm delivery also inform us of any appointments you may have that day. We will try and accommodate you as much as we can.
However, delivery is gauanteed inbetween 10am & 6pm.

♡ We accept cash, debit, credit card, email transfer's.

♡ Delivery fee's are for grocery shopping at one grocery store.

♡ Delivery fees are, up to $100 of groceries $25.00 delivery fee.

♡ From $100.01-$125.00  of groceries $30.00 delivery fee.

♡ Add $delivery fee for every $25 increments of groceries. So $125.01 to $150 of groceries delivery fee is  $35.00

♡ If you want us to shop at an additional grocery store,  $fee per grocery store.
Sudbury and Coppercliff is considered Sudbury area.

We deliver outskirts of Sudbury.
Extra fee's apply.
Garson $fee.
Azilda $fee.
Conniston $fee..
Lively $10 fee.
Chelmsford $15 fee.
Falconbridge town. $10.
Hanmer $15 fee.
Shead Road/Airport $30 fee.
Naughton $20 fee.
Val Caron $10 fee.
Wanapitae $15 fee.
Capreole  $20 fee.

♡ We also shop at Costco,  The Whole Sale Club Store, pet stores, convenience stores, post office, dry cleaners. etc....

♡ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆《There is an extra $fee for Costco Shopping, this fee is to cover the yearly membership fee's for our personal shopper's ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆》

♡ There is processing fee when you chose to pay by Debit card $fee or credit card $fee.

Cash or email transfer there is no fee.

Ensure you will be home to receive your grocery order, if we deliver to you and you are not home to receive your grocery order in the time quoted and the personal shopper need's to return to delivery to you an extra deliver fee may be added.☆

♡ Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Sunday's, we are closed.
If you would like your order for Monday, please, place your grocery order before 5pm on Saturday's so we can enjoy 😉 our day off on Sunday.

♡ We also delivery from online grocery store's and curbside pickup"s. 
24 hour advance notice is required and pick up times for delivery are to be made from 2pm to 3pm, 3pm to 4pm or 4pm to pm. Please, note, that you will need to email us the grocery store receipt.

☆☆☆We are not responsible for errors made by online grocery pickup"and curbside pickup's. ☆☆☆

For online grocery stores and curbside pickup"delivery fee's are.

Up to $50 of groceries, delivery fee is $20.

From $50.01 to $200 of groceries, delivery fee is $25.

From $200.01- $300.00 of groceries, delivery fee is $30.

Add an extra $fee for every $100.00 of increments of grocerie's, so from $300.01-$400.00 of groceries delivery fee is $35.

For home personal grocery shopping or online pick up's and delivery.
Please, note that there is an extra fee for heavy load's.

After cases of water, there is fee of $1/case of water 24 bottles.

After bottles of liter pop or juice, there is fee of .50 cents/ bottle

Huge big bottles of water that go in water machine. After bottle an extra $1/bottle.

♡ Please, note that if you want to addon item's or delete item's or "CANCEL YOUR ORDER" you have until 9pm, the day before your delivery day.. no add on's after 9pm.


It has made it more complex for us personal shopper's, therefore we need as much as possible information on your grocery item.

Example, Weight or size of each grocery item.

If you are not aware of weight or size, inform us by letting us know if it's small, medium, large or family size.

☆ THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ☆《Inform us if your grocery item is in this week's grocery store flyer, and also give us the price of the grocery item.☆☆》

Real brand or store brand.

if you want bottle of Heinze ketchup.

You need to tell us, you want Heinze brand, otherwise the personal shopper will choose  no name brand.

The proper way to order this item will be as fellows.

large bottle of Heinze Ketchup bottle.《 if your product has specif information, that the personal shopper should be aware of, please, add that at the end of your item.

Example; large bottle of Heinze ketchup; {the squeezable bottle}

another example;

container of Campbells chicken broth; { the less salt sodium}

another example;

pack of hamburger meat. specify if it's fresh or frozen.

therefore, family size, of hamburger meat, {fresh, lean}

another example.

toilette paper. is not enough information

therefore it should be given as, pack of 12 rolls of CASHMERE toilette paper, { the untra soft one}

When choosing flavor, give us alternative flavor's, in the event that they don't have your preferred flavor.

maxwell house coffee.

should be, bottle or can of GROUND OR INSTANT or KEURIG PODS coffee, {the dark roast flavor} if you don't specify which flavor we will pick the original flavor.

Pharmacy item's.

Please, these are difficult to pick out. So we need alot of information on these item's, so our personal shopper's pick's the correct item you want, if you have an empty bottle or container please, let us know the information on the bottle.

The quantity

The Brand.

any special info

♡ PLEASE, NOTE with the COVID 19. Let's keep our social distance of feet.

  ♡ We will leave your grocerie's at your front door. If you are not capable we can place your order in your kitchen, but you need to tell us when placing your order.

♡ Usually we deliver the next day or day of your choice. 《Because of COVID 19,and also the last week of the month and the first week of the month when our regular elderlies order》, Please, allow to days for delivery, however we will inform you when you place  your grocery order. if it's or day's for your delivery.

♡ If you are paying by debit our personal shopper's are equipped with the debit machine's they will simply place the debit machine on top of your groceries, please, enter your information on the debit machine then when your done place the debit machine on top of your grocerie's and keep your social distance so the personal shopper's can retrieve the debit machine.

Proudly, Serving Sudbury and surroundings for years.》

For E-Transfer's.

Name is,

The Grocery Guy.

Email address is,

Make the security question,;


Make the security answer;


♡ In the event that your unhappy or not satisfied with our service, or your item's are damaged,please contact our office  705 586 0848 so we can make it right for you.

100% Customer Satisfaction Gaurantee

Thank you

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